'Quant-ify' Your Client Base.

Investment banks are keenly focused on addressing the needs of quantitative funds, which now represent thirty-percent of total hedge fund assets and are the fastest growing segment, according to Reuters. Investment banks with superior risk management and market access technologies are uniquely positioned to gain market share as quantitative funds seek increased trading and capital efficiencies while competing to attract the most performance-sensitive portfolio managers.

Riskbot® G4 Pre-Trade Risk Control and Market Gateway Appliance and Riskbot® M5 Real-Time Enterprise Risk Management System are key enablers for these customers, providing capabilities approaching naked access performance levels while simultaneously satisfying regulatory and conservative investment bank risk requirements.

  • Ultra-low-latency, fully deterministic market access gateway for all portfolio management strategies
  • State-of-the-art technology that allows you to finally compete with the most elite trading firms

  • A powerful, real-time enterprise risk system that places you on the same level as the most elite trading firms
  • A distributed, highly scalable architecture that allows you to monitor and control your clients’ risk in real time
  • Granular control of clients’ trading by symbol, symbol side, flow, strategy, strategy side, trader, account or firm
  • A turnkey, highly scalable, distributed and robust risk system fully compliant with regulatory guidlines such as MAR 15c3-5