Better, Safer, Unified Markets.

As markets evolve, exchanges will require service-oriented architectures that are extensible and scalable across geographies and instruments. Given the current spectrum of disparate platforms, varying requirements for each instrument class and the many regulations that accompany them, the need for a unified Pre-Trade risk service has arrived.

Riskbot® is an “exchange-grade” platform that provides a compelling alternative to traditional Pre-Trade risk gateways. Many exchange platforms are limited in their ability to scale risk functionality without compromising matching engine performance. Riskbot® provides a standardized, highly scalable platform that creates an inter-exchange “Risk Network”, adding value for exchange participants and new revenue opportunities for exchanges.


  • Ultra-low-latency, fully deterministic market access gateway for all trading customers
  • Protect your matching engine without sacrificing performance
  • A separate, isolated Risk Domain from which to innovate, launch new services and revenue opportunities
  • An extensible framework for changes and updates to risk functionality without impacting your matching engine
  • The ability for your trading customers to monitor and manage their risk globally, across exchanges and instruments