Upgrade to Pre-Trade.

Quantitative funds are increasingly interested in obtaining trading infrastructures that share the same performance profile as the leading electronic trading firms. This provides improved control, greater trading and capital efficiencies while enabling them to attract the most performance-sensitive portfolio managers.

Many quantitative funds have significant investments in existing Post-Trade risk systems and need to modernize them to include high-performance Pre-Trade capabilities. Riskbot® G4 Pre-Trade Risk Control and Market Gateway Appliance can be integrated with such systems to meet new requirements with limited cost and effort.


  • Ultra-low-latency, fully deterministic market access gateway for all portfolio management strategies
  • A non-invasive, cost-effective upgrade path: convert internal Post-Trade risk systems to Pre-Trade
  • State-of-the-art technology that allows you to finally compete with the most elite trading firms


  • A powerful, real-time enterprise risk system that places you on the same level with the most elite trading firms
  • A distributed, highly-scalable architecture that allows you to monitor and control your firm’s risk in real time
  • Granular control of your trading by symbol, symbol side, flow, strategy, strategy side, trader, account or firm
  • Customization, integration and support from our highly skilled technology team