Supercomputers That Watch Supercomputers.

Founded in 2011, Hyannis Port Research is an innovative manufacturer of high performance Real-Time Risk Management and Market Gateway solutions for U.S. Equities and other markets.

Hyannis Port Research's Riskbot appliance inspects orders traveling to and from financial markets, stopping erroneous trades that would otherwise cause disruptions such as the Flash Crash. Our revolutionary technology can inspect such information in the time it takes a beam of light to travel less than 400 feet.

HPR's Riskbot is among the most advanced technologies ever developed for the financial markets featuring unparalleled performance and reliability. We draw on over 100 years of team experience, applying product development standards typically reserved for commercial-scale products.

Our multi-disciplinary experience includes:

  • Hardware and software systems architecture
  • Industries, such as aerospace, network equipment, super-computer architecture and financial technology
  • Real-time embedded electronics to large-scale enterprise systems

This unique cross-section of skills applied to the financial technology space plays a critical role in our ability to define the state-of-the art. This benefits our clients as systems once reserved for only the most elite market participants are now available to all, improving market safety, accessibility and fairness.


Hyannis Port Research is an innovative manufacturer of high-performance technology
for the financial markets.