The HPR Mission

HPR builds Capital Markets Infrastructure. Our technology will power the next-generation technology stack for global investment banks, asset managers, market makers and exchanges with a comprehensive suite of products, technology, and network equipment.

Technologies of Scale

As the established Cloud, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (“IaaS”) providers continue to advance, financial technology consumers are realizing that they need to create similar offerings to remain relevant. Hence, they are increasingly looking to technology providers to arm them with the tools that are now required to compete. HPR’s team is comprised of industry-leading architects and engineers with a vast array of required skills including – Networking/Telecommunications, Silicon Design (FPGA), Electronic Trading Systems and High-Performance Computing, among others.

Relentless Focus

HPR has succeeded in building a technology core that will drive product successes for years to come. Whether you require solutions for Direct Market Access, Risk Management, Data Delivery, Surveillance, Clearing and/or Reporting, HPR is now able to provide all of those services on a single, unified platform. Now handling over 10% of the daily equities trading volume in the US, 15 % in Australia and a substantial amount in China, HPR has established itself as a leading financial technology player in the electronic trading space. HPR has enabled its clients to substantially grow their businesses. Those clients are taking HPR global; by 2019 HPR will be supporting over 80 markets.

HPR’s core values drive our success


Simplicity must be an obsession if one is to build the world-class technology stack of the future. Financial firms are often pinned down under the weight of numerous technologies that have been mounting for years. Systems come and go. Technologies come and go. The result is a maze of applications that are difficult to support.


Simplicity alone will not solve the problem. Updating technology will not solve the problem. To truly succeed over time, companies must contain the myriad of applications and the endless array of design patterns into a highly efficient framework.


HPR’s vision is bold, forward-looking, and lives at the cutting edge of technology. Our success is rooted in a core team that is fearless and willing to take on any challenge.