HPR Launches ‘CRM-X’ for Global Enterprise Trading Risk Management
April 24, 2019  GlobeNewswire

CRM-X provides a consolidated view of real-time trading risk across all regions; enhanced system adds ‘follow the sun’ controls for improved capital efficiency.

HPR (Hyannis Port Research), provider of advanced capital markets infrastructure (CMI) technologies, today announced the launch of CRM-X, the newest version of its Central Risk Manager (CRM). CRM-X provides a real-time, pan-regional view of risk that encompasses all equities markets globally, solving one of the most significant operational challenges faced by global banks and trading firms, who typically manage operations via regional silos.

Commenting on the launch of CRM-X, Anthony Amicangioli, Founder and CEO of HPR, said: “A unified, global, pre-, at- and post-trade risk management system has long been an aspirational goal of the industry’s most sophisticated brokers and trading entities. CRM-X will enable firms to ‘follow the sun’ and leverage cross-regional margin accounts globally.”

CRM-X is powered by HPR’s advanced Unimus framework, a highly unified, service-oriented architecture that underpins the firm’s entire technology platform. Unimus enables CRM-X to provide management teams with a single view of risk across more than 90 markets globally despite their disparate regulatory requirements, currencies and market structures.