HPR Rolls Out Centralized Trading Infrastructure CRM-X
April 24, 2019  WatersTechnology

It was Morrissey who said there’s a light that never goes out. HPR, formerly known as Hyannis Port Research, is allowing financial markets to test that theory with the rollout of its new risk management system, CRM-X, which enables users to “follow the sun.”

“The idea of follow-the-sun trading means it’s always on, and you never really have to stop,” says Anthony Amicangioli, CEO of HPR. “You can have a continuous flow of trading as markets open and close around the globe. You’re able to track and watch activity, and pool capital together in a much more efficient way than you did before.” CRM-X is a pre-, at- and post-trade system that acts as unified global manager of trading across regions, and expands on HPR’s Central Risk Manager (CRM), which operated only in the particular region it was installed. CRM-X comes at the heels of the company’s earlier release of Riskbot, a low latency market access, and pre-trade risk management system.