Risk Management “Follows the Sun”
April 24, 2019  Markets Media

Global cloud providers, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, have demonstrated the power of the standard APIs to deliver global functionality, which is a lesson not lost on Wall Street.

“We see the desire to break up silos and make the trading experience, and the underlying technology, seamless across regions,” Anthony Amicangioli, founder and CEO of HPR, told Markets Media. “The future is a global architecture where everything has the same look and feel whatever the region. The way you interface or connect your APIs becomes normalized so that it is not done one way in New York and another way in London.”

To address the trend, HPR has released CRM-X, the latest component of the vendor’s real-time risk-management portfolio of its Central Risk Manager application and a variety of gateways, which all are based on service-oriented architecture.