Tabb Group’s Terry Roche interviews Hyannis Port Research CEO Tony Amicangioli
August 20, 2015  Tabb Group

Obtaining a holistic view of risk is more important than ever for capital markets firms, but in today’s high-speed, highly fragmented markets, the challenge also is greater than ever. To trade today, firms need systems that can meet seemingly opposing demands, says Anthony Amicangioli, CEO, Hyannis Port Research – the ability to provide both an aggregated view of the exchanges in order to enforce risk and regulatory requirements, and the speed necessary to take advantage of fleeting opportunities. Speaking with Terry Roche, principal, head of fintech research, TABB Group, Amicangioli discusses changes to workflow in the technology stack, the need for accurate latency measurement across all types of market participants, and the role of FPGAs in modern trading and risk infrastructure.