The Race to the Cloud (And More on Name Changes, Reg Reporting, & Covid Data)
July 12, 2020  WatersTechnololgy

HPR Throws its Hat into the Market Data Arena.

Before we talk market data, first, some back story. Launched in 2011, HPR was once known as Hyannis Port Research. As someone who used to spend a week camping in Cape Cod every summer, I know Hyannis, Massachusetts, and its lovely port town quite well, but my guess is that most outside of the northeast USA were asking themselves, “What’s a ‘Hyannis Port?’” More importantly, though, was that the old name might have been a bit misleading. I’m speculating here, but Hyannis Port Research might have summoned the image of an equity research provider in many minds, instead of a hardcore hardware technology provider researching cutting-edge ways to conduct risk checks on US order flow.

Last year the Wall Street Journal wrote of the company, “This Little Black Box Does Heavy Lifting for Wall Street.” Now, I’m not saying that we’re trendsetters or nuthin’, but WSJ published that story three months after we had HPR founder and CEO Tony Amicangioli on the Waters Wavelength podcast…but I digress.