Wall Street Journal – HPR’s “little black box does heavy lifting for Wall Street.”

HPR Founder and CEO Tony Amicangioli Named to Fintech ‘Founders’ 50’ by Harrington Starr
June 14, 2019  The Financial Technologist Magazine

HPR Founder and CEO Tony Amicangioli was named to Fintech ‘Founders’ 50’ by Harrington Starr in their Q2 The Financial Technologist Magazine. Inside the magazine, Tony shares his predictions for the capital markets, which include the adoption of cloud technologies and scalable architectures.


No incumbent in any industry is truly safe these days. From Uber threatening taxis to Casper waking up the mattress business and Amazon replacing all kinds of brick and mortar retailers, technologically savvy newcomers up-ending the status quo is now commonplace. The logical next question should be: Why should the capital markets be any different?

Cloud technology is not just about moving applications  to a central provider’s data center; rather, it is a collection of systems and development approaches that provide a singular and universal computing environment. All technology frameworks and applications are destined for this environment as it usually represents the most efficient and often final stage for both.

Currently, trying to decipher a problem in a large bank’s capital markets infrastructure is like an archaeological dig. Over time, what happens with banks in their technology stacks is a terrible drive to complexity on three axes—time, geography and asset class.