18 Startups Bringing New Products and Services to Derivatives Markets
November 16, 2016  MarketVoice

This year’s FIA Expo featured a special section devoted to presenting 18 new and emerging companies whose innovative products and services hold great promise for the derivatives markets. This article profiles each one of these 18 companies, describing how they are leveraging advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and distributed ledgers to bring dynamic new solutions for trading, clearing, risk management, data processing and regulatory compliance.

Hyannis Port Research

Pre-Trade Risk Controls on a Chip

In today’s high-speed electronic markets, brokers must have the ability to screen the orders passing through their systems and filter out the mistakes–before they reach the market. Hyannis Port Research solves that problem by putting pre-trade risk controls on an FPGA chip. HPR’s patent-pending solution can detect and stop erroneous and potentially disruptive trades in a microscopically small amount of time, a key advantage for clients that do not want delays as their order messages travel to the market. HPR began by focusing on the U.S. equity market, and after only four years in business, 7.6% of US equity trades pass through its systems, according to Tony Amicangioli, the company’s president, CEO, and founder. The company is now turning to other markets, including futures, where there is an urgent need for pre-trade risk controls. “Every connection between a trader and a market worldwide – I don’t care what asset class it is, I don’t care what geography it is, the entire global market needs to be upgraded,” said Amicangioli.