Artificial Intelligence Has Rising Impact on Financial Markets
September 29, 2016  TheStreet

Automation and artificial intelligence are profoundly transforming trading and markets. But proceed with caution.

Many scientists and futurists agree that the effects of artificial intelligence and automation on society are difficult to predict. Theories range from a complete and spontaneous change in society (the so-called Singularity) to more utopian outcomes.

While many predicted that the tip of the spear for such technology would play out in areas such as medicine or general computer system markets, the AI revolution is already underway in the financial markets. Many of the predicted challenges and solutions are occurring now — in real time.

Financial technology becoming possibly the first major component of society to be completely AI enabled is not surprising if you consider that financial markets are inherently big-data intensive, attract bright minds and high-quality capital, and often have a short investment-to-profit time horizon.