Behind the Interview with Anthony Amicangioli
January 11, 2019  Medium

On Wednesday December 12th, I interviewed Anthony Amicangioli, founder and CEO of Hyannis Port Research (HPR), at my studio.

About Tony:

10% of all U.S. trades (billions daily) go through HPR’s systems. It’s connected to all U.S. stock exchanges and most worldwide, acting as a circuit breaker by providing the ability to turn off the connection to prevent a “flash crash”. This is not his first company. He was the founder of an early cloud computing company, which was destined to do great things but suffered failure shortly after September 11th, 2001 ground the industry to a halt.

Why this interview?

Since a kid, Tony has been an engineer at heart. He got a harsh education around the challenges of building a company when the first one failed. The entrepreneurial lessons he learned taught him how to build a more sustainable company, which he’s applied in building HPR. He identified a need in a market and he filled that need. His model enjoys global, organic and exponential growth. It’s a lesson on how to thrive after suffering a failure.