Headquarted in Needham: Success comes with ‘wave’ of hiring challenges
January 8, 2020  Wicked Local Needham

A survey of over 200 companies in Needham and Newton found respondents citing road congestion, inadequate public transportation, and hiring and retaining workers as the greatest obstacles to their success heading into the new decade.

The lights are out at the former headquarters of PTC in Needham. There are no scrums in the empty meeting rooms. No buzz in an office where 1,000 employees once worked – – just blank whiteboards and empty work-stations.

In 2017, the computer software services company with over 6,000 employees and offices in 30 countries brought in $1.64 billion in revenue – it also decided to relocate its headquarters to a shining new office in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood.

“In moving, PTC expects to enhance its ability to attract and retain the talent required to maintain the company’s technology leadership position,” a press release announcing the relocation said.

But where PTC saw the need to leave Needham, other companies and organizations see an increasing attraction to the town’s corporate office space.

One mile north of the vacant PTC offices, sitting at a conference table inside the newly-remodeled second floor headquarters of Hyannis Port Research (HPR) on 2nd Avenue, CEO Tony Amicangioli marveled at the region’s growth and saw value in his company’s location.

“We are very committed to growing out here, and I mean that sincerely.” the CEO said last month, pointing to HPR’s central proximity between Boston’s technology talent and finance center and the suburban communities where the company hopes to find applicants to fill leadership and director-tier roles. “What is amazing to me is the city is like a wave moving out and there is nothing you can do about it.”