Riskbot® - Ultra-Low Latency Pre-Trade Risk and Access Gateway

Deploy industry-leading, ultra-low latency for direct market access to 60+ global markets coded on a single chip. Complete 50+ pre-trade risk checks in 340ns with zero latency risk for clearing. Backed by dual-redundant, fault-tolerant pairs.

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OMNIBOT™ – Industry's First Top-of-Rack – Multifunction Switch

Market access, risk management, data and latency capture are integrated into a top-of-rack switch—centralized in a single package. Experience full connectivity with 36 x 10GbE Ethernet ports and 4 x 40GbE or 4 x 100GbE cross-connect/inter-connect ports.

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Softbot® – Software-based Pre-Trade Risk and Access Gateway

Combine single-digit microsecond low latency with high functionality in this market access gateway. Receive seamless FIX-to-native protocol conversion that supports Share Market Sessions (one-to-many/many-to-one). Complete reliability with dual-redundant, fault-tolerant pairs.

FIX Market Access Gateway

Our industry-leading FIX Gateway supports rapid modification for varying client requirements. Convert a single FIX interface into market binary protocols. It’s also plug-compatible with HPR’s Enterprise Risk and DMA stack.